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About Us

Welcome to Hunters and Anglers for Wildlife Management Reform.


Hunters and anglers have no doubt played, and continue to play, a vital role in the protection and conservation of wildlife and wild places in North America. However, because state and provincial wildlife agencies are primarily influenced and controlled by hunters and anglers, management often favors hunted and catchable species (even nonnative species) to the detriment of other species — particularly large native carnivores such as wolves, coyotes, black bears, grizzly bears and mountain lions.

If you hunt or fish, or both, or just love wildlife and wild places and healthy ecosystems, and are fed up with actions such as predator-killing contests, prairie dog shoots, the war against wolves, the slaughter of coyotes, the unjustified push to delist and hunt grizzlies, politically-driven policies that often emphasize hunted and catchable species to the detriment of other species, and other unethical, nonscientific management actions that violate several tenets of the much-touted “North American Model of Wildlife Conservation” . . . Well, this is the place for you.


We hope you'll join us. 

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation provides good guidance; we should adhere to it rather than dismiss, ignore and pay lip service to it. It’s time to reform wildlife management so that ALL citizens have a say, and ALL wildlife is protected.

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